The Maximum Velocity Content Planning Package offers an unprecedented opportunity for you to take control of your content.

Quality content that speaks directly to your audience is the lifeblood of your business. Start 2017 at maximum velocity with a 6- or 12-month content plan in place. 



Blogging & Social Media Strategy Workbook

Your Maximum Velocity Blogging & Social Media Strategy Workbook will help us create a content strategy that will work for your business - one that you can take and build on for years to come.

Customized Content Guide

Your Customized Content Guide is created just for you, and outlines the details and guidelines for your content, including 

2017 Editorial Calendar

In this step you’ll create the look and feel of the site. We’ll focus on templates, design elements, and content blocks, which are the “moving parts” at this point in the process.

Weekly Blog Post Headlines & Topics

You’ve got the website’s architecture framed out so it’s time to start laying out and adding finalized content to each page and post. You’ll learn how to add text, images, videos, and galleries to your site.


What's Not included

Complete Blog Posts

Our Maximum Velocity Content Plans do not include complete blog posts. We provide everything you need to write the content yourself, or you can add on the Complete Blog Post Package.

Blog Post or Social Media Images

While Maximum Velocity will help you start the year with your content planned and ready to go, you'll need to add a little flair to your posts. Your Customized Content Guide will offer guidance on the types of images you should use, but if you're looking for image templates, we can create them for you at an additional fee. 

Unlimited Coaching

Maximum Velocity comes with two hours of one-on-one content coaching. Additional time can be purchased if needed. 

Start 2017 at maximum velocity


Why do I need a content plan?

  • Consistency is key. Thousands of new blogs and content marketing schemes will launch in January. Only a fraction will still be active by May. A concrete plan will ensure you're in the position to keep your content flowing.

  • Content for the sake of content is worthless. You need a strategy, and your 2017 Content Plan is it.

Will you write all my content?

No, Maximum Velocity is all about planning and coaching. We help you develop a content strategy and calendar. But as a Maximum Velocity client you're entitled to some amazing discounts on content creation. (How does saving over $2,400 a year sound?)


What if I don't want to plan for the entire year?

You don't have to. You actually have two options: 

1. Purchase the 12 Month Maximum Velocity Content Plan. We'll only plan through June 2017 initially. In early spring we'll get together to plan the rest of 2017. 

2. Purchase the 6 Month Maximum Velocity Content Plan. We only plan January through June 2017. If you decide you want to plan the rest of 2017, you will need to purchase another 6 Month plan then. 


What if I don't have a mailing list?

That's ok! We all have to start somewhere, and creating quality content is actually one of the best ways to build your list. Think "if you build it, they will come". So let's start building!

Only $1600 to have all of your content for 2017 planned