A Gravity Session is a brand audit that focuses on the content and design of your website. We show you what works on your website - and what doesn’t. As an added bonus, we take a look at your social media presence to see how your brand appears across your social media platforms.

Your Gravity Session includes: 

  • Detailed PDF of your brand strategy (content + design) issues with recommended quick fixes 
  • 90 minute Skype Q&A with content + design experts to walk through your audit results
  • A $200 discount on additional 7th Sight services

A $600 Investment


Your brand is your context for doing business.  It translates your values and your voice into a language that resonates with your customer. We’ll uncover the visual elements of your business; your logo & signature marks, colors, fonts, pattern & textures. At the end, we’ll provide you with a plan that everyone on your team can use to share meaningful and consistent visuals with your audience, now and as your company grows.


You've got a great business and an amazing sense of style. You want a site that inspires, motivates, and leaves you feeling proud, but you can't do it on your own.

We're the answers to your prayers. We know the Web. We know business. We know how to speak to an audience – with images, words, and an overall experience. We'll set you up with our tried-and-true system to get you noticed for all the right reasons.


The perfect pairing with Divine Site Design. 

Don’t let content hold you back. You get more than just copy for your website – you get content that is created just for you and your business. When paired with Divine Site, your design + content is created in tandem, offering you a superior website, one that captures your essence and broadcasts it to the world. 


Your brand may be the language that resonates with your clients and customer, but the language is meaningless if you don't use it properly. Quality content that speaks directly to your audience is the lifeblood of your business. But creating content consistently is hard. That's why planning is essential! With Maximum Velocity you receive a complete 6- or 12-month content plan, setting you up for success!

Work with Us at an Hourly Rate

Looking for something a little different?  Require a couple of hours of design or copy work on your project? We can help you keep your brand dynamic and alive. We charge $130 per-hour, and have a limited number of available hours per month, contact us today to receive an estimate.