Under the Influence: Finding Your Brand's Soulmates

Last week we talked about finding your Ideal Audience. This week we're talking about your Brand's Soulmates. Luckily, it's much easier than finding a romantic soulmate - and you don't to have to pick just one!

Why do you need to know who your brand soulmates are? 

There are quite a few reasons, but when it comes to content marketing in particular you should know who your advocates, colleagues, and influencers are. (Hint: some of these will be your Brand Soulmates!)

These are the brands you interact with, even if that interaction is one-sided for now. It's likely your Ideal Audiences overlap, giving you a better idea of where your audience hangs out. Your Brand Soulmate may even help you share content down the road, because you are sharing theirs. 

So let's find your Brand's Soulmates. Download our free worksheet to get started.

The first step is to think about brands you love. We'll share a full list of our influencers on Thursday, but a couple of our favorites are Arriya Kingrey (Chelsea) and Kendrick Shoppe (Jennifer). Use the worksheet to list your influencers, advocates, and colleagues - these are your potential Brand Soulmates. 

Next, think about why you are drawn to them. Are they witty? Funny? Controversial? What do their brands look like? Bold and bright? Simple and elegant? Ethereal and dreamy? How do they make you feel? Write down why they inspire you. 

Now look at where your potential Soulmates hang out. Odds are they are in the same places your Ideal Audience is, but write it down to make sure to compare. 

Finally, think about how you can interact with them. If you already talk with them, great! If not, think about how you can get to know them organically. Are you in the same Facebook groups? Twitter chats? Mutual friends? Find a way to casually introduce yourself. 

Not everyone on your list will be a soulmate, and that's ok. This worksheet will help you find your Brand Soulmate and narrow down your influencers, advocates, and colleagues. Keep this worksheet handy, because we're just getting started in our series!

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