Our Top 3 Brand Values

2017 is going to be a big year for 7th Sight.

2 years after forming our Branding Collective, things are really starting to gel over here. We’re growing our team, relaunching our site, starting a blog (welcome!), creating an awesome new shop (so soon!), and refining our offerings. 

This is the year of working ON our business - not just in it. Client work can so easily run the show at a creative agency, and we’ve had to put a big amount of focus into shifting gears into a new way of working. Our collective is made of world class creative freelancers that aren't just great at what we do, we're passionate about our work.

The 7th Sight Brand Collective was formed on our top 3 values of ease, expertise, and collaboration - and we’re putting those values at our highest priority this year.  

We’ve brought our all-star team together for these 3 valuable reasons: 


Piecing a team together for a creative project takes a lot of research, project management, and trust. We offer a streamlined solution for every project. If our collective doesn’t currently house the expert our client needs, we’ll do the research and the vetting to find and manage an exceptional creative team. 


It’s important to us to create stellar projects with stellar people. Whether it’s finding the right creative, the most streamlined process, or the most effective software - we value and look for expertise. Everyone on our team has multiple years of experience and shines in their field. With that experience we create processes that laser in on the end result to create success for us and our clients. Moreover, we use our expertise to utilize top-notch software solutions for every project. 


We know that in order to thrive as creatives it’s important to work within our Native Genius. When we focus on the intelligence that’s innate in each of us, we’re more productive, more creative, and much happier in our jobs. When it’s time to work on our business, we call on our powers of collaboration; be it our website, services, or marketing, we lean on each other to create each piece of the puzzle. No more need to wear 20 different hats or spend hours on something that our teammate could do in minutes.

By focusing on our top 3 values in everything we do, we’re able to sculpt a brand and working environment that’s nourishing and productive for our team and clients. 

We’re really curious, what are your top 3 brand values?
Please comment below!

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In closing, we’d just like to offer a great big warm welcome to our new online home! We hope that you’ll continue to join us on our creative journey, and please do reach out if our team can be of any help to you as your grow your online business.

Big Cheers!

Chelsea & the 7th Sight Team