Scheduling Made Easy

It’s never been easier to plan and schedule your content. Here at 7th Sight we’ve tried a variety of software and systems, so today we’re going to share what has worked for us – and what hasn’t.


We love Buffer for scheduling content!  Jennifer has been using it for her business (and personal blog) for years, and we’ve been using it at 7th Sight for the past several months. It’s super easy to schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and Pinterest. Things are a little more complicated for Instagram – while Buffer will let you schedule those posts, they cannot post for you like they do on the other channels. Instead they simply remind you to post at the designated time. Buffer does offer a free plan, but most people find it’s worth paying $10 a month for the additional flexibility of the paid individual plan. (Team & agencies plans are also available.)


We use Buffergram to actually post our Instagram posts for us. They are one of the few platforms that does this without any hacks or other account violating methods. While most people don’t mind posting to Instagram, scheduling is a lifesaver for us.


We gave CoSchedule a shot earlier this year with a free trial. While we did like the features they offered, it didn’t seem worth the price to us at this point. Partly because we use Squarespace instead of Wordpress, and CoSchedule really works best with Wordpress. With the use of their plug-in you can schedule everything out in advance. If you’re a Wordpress user, definitely give CoSchedule a shot.


We use MailChimp for our email marketing. While we’ve looked at other platforms, Chelsea loves being able to design beautiful emails (a feature that some platforms lack). There are limitations to MailChimp, but for small businesses and solopreneurs you can’t go wrong here. Like Buffer, you can start for free and then decide if you need the additional features offered by the paid levels.

Of course there are lots of other systems out there. We’d love to know what you’ve tried!