7th Sight Influencers

Last week we talked about finding your brand's soulmates. So who are our brand soulmates and influencers? 

Here at 7th Sight we are inspired and influenced by many amazing people. Chelsea and Jennifer each created a list to share!


Myka McLaughlin founded WINC (Women In Community), a high-value business training program, to help women entrepreneurs build rockin’ businesses that change the game for their families, communities and economies all over the world. Myka has created a thriving community around her work based on sisterhood, rock-solid business strategies, self-compassion, and a whole lot of fun. Chelsea is currently starting on the path of WINC’s 90 day program and, rest assured many of the epic shifts you’ll see at 7th Sight in the coming year will be inspired by Myka’s genius.

Arriya Kingrey is a speaker, conscious business consultant, authentic sales strategist, and transformational coach for women entrepreneurs. Arriya leads her business with so much grace and integrity. She hosts a phenomenal podcast each week with other female business leaders, that supports listeners in living with more joy, and presence, while definite their own unique definition of success. Arriya is one of 7th Sight’s beloved long time clients & will hopefully be collaborating with us in the near future! You can also find Arriya here.

Jason Lange has been a close friend and colleague of Chelsea’s for over 8 years and has played an integral role in Chelsea’s growth as a freelancer and designer. Jason, dubbed “The Wizard of Wordpress” is not only the most proficient and talented Wordpress developer we know, he’s a brilliant film maker, thought leader, and creative. Jason is on our list of top influencers because of his tenacity and dedication to his craft. He’s a hard worker, community leader, empowering friend, and brave-hearted creative. Check out one of Jason’s masterpieces “SHARE” here. 

Jennifer's Influencers:

Kendrick Shope is a sales coach (among many other things!) who teaches women about Authentic Selling. What sets Kendrick apart is her straightforward way of communicating, her clean and simple style, and her elegance with a hint of sass. Jennifer went through her amazing online course Sales School in 2015, and is currently going through the latest iteration of it called Sales School Beyond Belief. 

Kathleen Shannon is the co-founder of Braid Creative, where she does personal branding for creative entrepreneurs who blend work and life, and co-creator of Being Boss, a podcast for creative entrepreneurs. (Fun fact: the Being Boss group is actually where Chelsea and Jennifer met online!) Kathleen is always churning out amazing content, from podcasts to blog posts, and has been an inspiration for Jennifer since early 2015. 

Of course this list isn't complete! We'd love to know who influences you, because we are always on the lookout for new brand soulmates. Feel free to comment below or contact us directly.